I work as a web developer and I discovered TOR a few years ago, since that I saw many websites around there. That is not a secret that there are many scammers on TOR. It is very funny to read forums when people say they have been scammed by a «seemed to be legit» vendor. And when you see that vendor website… Man, why did you do that? It is obvious scam! Look at that feedback and photos – it is all spoofed! And to prevent poor people money loss I decided to setup this website where I will leave my own reviews on different Deepweb vendor pages.

«Stop TOR Scam» is a place where you can share your experience with other people, read my reviews and notes. I don’t advertise any of vendors, don’t make test purchases as well as I don’t urge you to make purchases somewhere on TOR – this you decide yourself. I assume that in some cases I can be wrong.

Hope you enjoyed reading my articles and I apologize for my grammar. I appreciate if you correct me 🙂

Oh, and feel free to provide me any scam evidences you have – let’s help each other!


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  1. Have been ripped off by the following sites, be warned and DO NOT waste your time with them (unless you like throwing money out the window)

    Site – Wall Street – Vendor / CCSELLER (Cloned CC’s)

    Site – Carders Cave – Vendor / Jan Carder (WU and PP accounts) Vendor / Godiku (the Carders Cave “escrow site” controller and site admin)

    Site – Paypal Vending Machine – Vendor / (no name) (PP accounts)

    All 3 have ripped me off and hopefully I will eventually find reputable vendors. Any suggestions and sites are appreciated.


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